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Life Plans for
Aging Well

Glowing Older is a coaching firm that supports people in creating life plans to age well.


Through facilitating conversations and leveraging our knowledge, experience, and connections, we help you ask the right questions and explore options to create the future you want. 

Our services are designed for:  

Older Adults | Retirees | Adult Children with Aging Parents 

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Anatomy of a Life Plan

At Glowing Older, we believe that the best plans to age well are rooted in core values and integrate Home, Health, and Heart. 

Home is more than the four walls you live in. It's the environment where you feel most comfortable, experience joy, and feel safe. 

Health means wholistic health: physical, mental, spiritual, and financial. 

Heart is your foundation and beacon. It's what gives you energy, and where you give your energy. 

Aging isn't just about growing old. It's an opportunity to honor what means most to you. We're here to help. 

We all deserve the chance to glow older. 

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“With our depth of expertise, connections, and industry knowledge, Glowing Older is exceptional at bringing personalized support and resources that enhance wellbeing and longevity for individuals and their families.”

- Nancy Griffin, MMH

CEO & Co-Founder

“It is an honor to guide our clients through our discovery
process that helps align their core values with their life
plans as they age.”

- Katherine Lord, MSW, LSW

Co-Founder, Principal Glow Guide

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