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Guest Profiles

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Denise Falco, Senior VP of Operations
Sunrise Senior Living

Featured on Episode 13:8

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bryan rife (1).png

Bryan Rife, CEO
Sparkle Success

Featured on Episode 13:5

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Bob Kramer 2023.png

Bob Kramer, Founder & Fellow
Nexus Insights

Featured on Episode 13:2

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Sarah Thomas GO 12.png

Sarah Thomas, Founder & CEO
Delight by Design

Featured on Episode 12:9

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Melinda Avila Tores.png

Melinda P. Ávila -Torio
THW Design

Featured on Episode 12:6

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Andy Carle .png

Andrew Carl, Adjunct Faculty
Georgetown University

Featured on Episode 12:3

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Terry Wall.png

Terry Wall

Featured on Episode 11:1

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Mark Reisman (1).png

Mark Reisman, Founder & CEO
Empower Living

Featured on Episode 10:8

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James Lee.png

James Lee, Co-Founder & CEO
Bella Groves 

Featured on Episode 10:5

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tracey gendron (1).png

Dr. Tracey Gendron, Author
Ageism Exposed

Featured on Episode 10:2

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Paige Wilson (1).png

Paige Wilson, Founder & CEO

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kay van norman (1).png

Kay Van Norman, Founder & President
Brilliant Aging

Featured on Episode 9:6

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Teepa Snow.png

Teepa Snow, Founder & CEO
Positive Approach, LLC

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John Gonzalez.png

John Gonzales, SVP of Consulting
Haven Senior Investments

Featured on Episode 8:10

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Abby Levy.png

Abby Levy, Managing Partner
Primetime Partners

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Tana Gall.png

Tana Gall, President
Merrill Gardens

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AARP Glowing Older (1).png

Rick Robinson & Sasha Spellman
AARP Innovation Labs

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Cathy Richards.png

Cathy Richards, Author
Lifestyle & Wellness Strategist

Featured on Episode 7:8

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Jeremy Knopow (1).png

Jeremy Knopow, Co-founder

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jody holtzman (1).png

Featured on Episode 6:9

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Helen Foster.png

Helen Foster
Foster Strategy

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6-3 Dana Griffin.png

Dana Griffin

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5-7 Skylar Skikos.png

Skylar Skikos
Modern Elder Academy

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Carl Honoré

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4-8 Dr. Krystal Culler.png

Dr. Krystal Culler
Virtual Brain Health Center

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4-2 Dr. Roger Landry.png

Dr. Roger Landry
Masterpiece Living

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3-3 Avi Satt.png

Avi Satt
Sage Healthcare 

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2-10 Jill Vitale-Aussem.png

Jill Vitale-Aussem
Christian Living Communities

Featured on Episode 2:10

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2-7 John Polatz.png

John Polatz
PS Salon & Spa

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2-4 Carol Stratford.png

Carol Stratford
Hutchinson Consulting

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2-1 Colin Milner.png

Colin Milner

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1-5 Sharon McCartney.png

Sharon McCartney
Mirabella Portland

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1-2 Bob Morison.png

Robert Morison
What Retirees Want

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Jerome Pinguez (1).png

Jérôme Pigniez, Founder
SilverEco & Ageing Well Int'l

Featured on Episode 13:7

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vicki de klerk (2).png

Vicki de Klerk, Executive Director
Validation Training Institute

Featured on Episode 13:4

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Charles De Vilmorin.png

Charles De Vilmorin, CEO
Linked Senior

Featured on Episode 13:1

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Bradley Schurman
The Super Age

Featured on Episode 12:8

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Len Weiser (1).png

Len Weiser, President & CEO
White Horse Village

Featured on Episode 12:5

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Joy Solomon.png

Joy Solomon, Director
Weinberg Center for Elder Justice

Featured on Episode 12:2

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Patrick Bultema 119 (1).png

Patrick Bultema
The Eden Alternative

Featured on Episode 11:9

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Ellen Goodwin.png

Ellen Goodwin

Featured on Episode 11:6

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Andrew Sokolowski.png

Andrew Sokolowski
LivWell Health

Featured on Episode 11:3

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Colin Milner, CEO

Featured on Episode 10:7

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william myers (1).png

William Wesley Myers

Featured on Episode 10:4

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jake rothstein.png

Jake Rothstein, Founder & CEO

Featured on Episode 10:1

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Michael Mann (1).png

Michael Mann, MHA
Founder, Tachyon Insights

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tom grape (2).png

Tom Grape, Founder & CEO
Benchmark Senior Living

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Jeanette Leardi (2).png

Jeanette Leardi, Gerontologist
Ageful Living Blog

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Kris Chana (2).png

Kris Chana, Founder & CEO
Chelsea Place Senior Care

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Scott Fulton (1).png

Scott Fulton, President
Home Ideations

Featured on Episode 7:10

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Laurie Orlov (1).png

Featured on Episode 7:4

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Glencroft (1).png

John Wenzlau & Steve Heller

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6-2 Sarah Hoit.png

Sarah Hoit
Connected Living

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5-9 Ryan Haller.png

Ryan Haller

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5-6 Mariah Giunta .png

Mariah Giunta
Twin Oaks Hollister

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5-3 James Graber.png

James Graber

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4-10 David Harry Stewart.png

David Harry Stewart

Featured on Episode 4:10

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4-4 Jon Warner.png

Jon Warner
Silver Moonshots

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4-1 Bob Kramer.png

Bob Kramer
Nexus Insights 

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3-8 Denise Boudreau-Scott.png

Denise Boudreau-Scott

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3-5 Traci Beagley.png

Tracie Beagley
Sunland Home Care

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Sara & Kelly LE3 Solutions.png

Sara Kyle & Kelly Stranburg
LE3 Solutions

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2-9 Meredith Oppenheim.png

Meredith Oppenheim
Vitality Society

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2-6 Jon Siegel & Kasondra McCormack.png

Jon Siegel & Kasondra McCormack
The Perfect Companion

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2-3 Keesey Hayward.png

Keesey Hayward
Senior Hospitality

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1-10 Colin Milner.png

Colin Milner

Featured on Episode 1:10

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1-7 Peter Anderson.png

Peter Anderson
Anderson & Associates

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1-4 Joe McCarron.png

Joseph McCarron
Wellpoint Communities

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1-1 Glenn Colarossi.png

Glenn Colarossi
Atria Senior Living

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david grabowski.png

David Grabowski, Ph.D., Professor
Harvard Medical School

Featured on Episode 13:6

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angie mccallister (1).png

Angie McAllister

Featured on Episode 13:3

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Joanne (1).png

Joanna Mansfield, GM
Coterie Hudson Yard

Featured on Episode 12:10

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gwen fitzgerald.png

Gwen Fitzgerald

Featured on Episode 12:7

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James Balda (2).png

James Balda, President & CEO

Featured on Episode 12:1

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Bonnie Barnes.png

Bonnie Barnes
The DAISY Foundation

Featured on Episode 11:8

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Wendy Bosalavage sept 22.png

Wendy Bosalavage

Featured on Episode 11:5

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Marvell Adams Jr.png

Marvell Adams Jr
W Lawson

Featured on Episode 11:2

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Cailey Mailley.png

Cailey Massey, Founder
Artfull Enrichment 

Featured on Episode 10:9

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Kerry Burnight (1).png

Dr. Kerry Burnight, Founder
The Gerontologist Inc.

Featured on Episode 10:6

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Leo Tonkin.png

Leo Tonkin, Founder & CEO
Salt Chamber

Featured on Episode 10:3

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sky bergman (2).png

Sky Bergman, Documentary Filmmaker, Lives Well Lived

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scott mccorvie.png

Scott McCorvie, Founder & CEO
Vita Senior Living

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Daniel Reingold.png

Daniel Reingold, President & CEO
RiverSpring Living

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Keren Etkin.png

Keren Etkin, Founder
The Gerontechnologist

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Jayne Sallerson.png

Jayne Sallerson
Charter Senior Living

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max winters podcast.png

Max Winters
Perkins Eastman

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Margit Novack.png

Margit Novack, Author

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Sheri Rose.png

Sheri Rose
Thrive Center

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Copy of Jeremy Knopow.png

Ryan Frederick, SmartLiving 360
Author, Right Place, Right Time

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Patrick Bultema (1).png

Patrick Bultema
The Eden Alternative

Featured on Episode 6:10

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Sarah Thomas.png

Sarah Thomas
Delight by Design